The dairy industry has developed a system for the certification of Dairy Effluent Assessors as part of the Dairy Effluent Warrant of Fitness programme. The purpose of this certification system is to enable dairy farmers to choose suitable trained and competent professionals.


What is a Dairy Effluent WoF?

The WoF is a full 3-4 hour assessment of your dairy farm effluent system following a consistent methodology by trained professionals.


WoF assessors will:

  • View farms effluent consent or permitted rules (are all requirements being met)
  • View nutrient budget (checking nitrogen loadings)
  • Run the dairy effluent storage calculator to estimate if sufficient storage for farm system
  • Assess all catchment areas, particularly stand-offs & feedpads
  • Application depth and rate test of irrigation system
  • Dig a test pit to observe soil risk
  • Hazard identification and general Health and Safety are noted
  • A full report is provided to the farmer with areas of concern, why and suggested actions