Become a Dairy Effluent WoF Assessor

Complete a three-day training course and pass a competency assessment to become certified

There are several steps to becoming a Dairy Effluent WoF assessor.

Assessors must complete the 3-day Farm Dairy Effluent System Warrant of Fitness training course, and then follow through with the official Certification process and be issued with a Certificate of Completion.

There are no specific pre-requisites for the WOF assessor certification and training process but it is expected that most people will go onto become Certified WOF Assessors so there is an assumption of prior experience of dairy effluent farm systems. Some level of practical experience will be needed to pass the certification which is likely to have come from either being involved with companies that design and install effluent systems or from people who have previous knowledge of assessing systems such as shed inspector or regional council compliance inspections.


Certified WOF assessors offer a very thorough and consistent assessment of effluent systems.

A certified assessor is an independent, experienced industry professional.

To become certified, the assessor has completed a three-day training course and passed a competency assessment process.

The assessor is committed to observing a Code of Conduct to guarantee professional behaviour and independent advice.

Certified WOF Assessors use the same methodology every time.


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