Your Dairy Effluent WoF

An outline of the assessment and what you will receive

The Dairy Effluent WoF is a 3-4 hour assessment which covers effluent consents and permitted rules, the storage capacity, nutrient loadings, soil risk, irrigator performance, off-pasture infrastructure and general health and safety requirements. A typical assessment consists of:

  • View farms effluent consent or permitted rules (are all requirements being met)
  • View nutrient budget (checking nitrogen loadings)
  • Run the dairy effluent storage calculator to estimate if sufficient storage for farm system
  • Assess all catchment areas, particularly stand-offs & feedpads
  • Application depth and rate test of irrigation system
    Dig a test pit to observe soil risk
  • Hazard identification and general Health and Safety are noted

After the assessment is complete a comprehensive report is provided to the farmer with areas of concern, why and suggested actions.


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